Hi' I'm Ginger the Melon cat.

Introducing Ginger Cat, the fiery-furred, witty wonder with a penchant for mischief and a heart of gold.

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Ginger cats are not a distinct breed, it’s difficult to make generalizations about their personalities and temperaments. That being said, all ginger cats do share one key characteristic, aside from their orange coloration, of course: they are tabbies.

Ginger Cats also known as marmalade cats,have special meanings in different cultures. They are often seen as symbols of royalty,power,goodluck,happiness and prosperity.

How to buy $GINGER


Create a Wallet

Install Phantom, Trust Wallet, or any other suitable crypto wallet from the App Store or Google Play. Desktop users can install the Chrome extension from Phantom.io.


Get Some SOL

To buy $GINGER, you’ll need SOL in your wallet to swap. Buy SOL directly in Phantom, transfer from another wallet, or buy on an exchange and withdraw it to your wallet. Use the ERC-20 network.


Go to Raydium

You can connect to Raydium directly above. We’ve embedded Raydium on GINGER.website to save you a couple of steps and take you straight to the correct pair to buy $GINGER. If using your own browser, make sure it’s the official Raydium site, select token, and paste the official $GINGER


Switch SOL for $GINGER

Once you have SOL in your wallet, swap your desired amount for $GINGER. Make sure you have enough SOL left over to cover gas fees. Review the transaction details and confirm. You’re now absorbing the damp!

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